Welcome to the New Direction of Digital Recourse

Hi! Welcome to Digital Recourse, where we are changing our direction ever so slightly. In the past we have focused primarily on the technical aspects of gaming and also how to identify and fix common error messages found on a myriad of devices.

Now, I have to admit that I’m still a tech nerd (no offense meant to my fellow tech nerds!). All I’m doing now though is broadening my subject matter, because I have broadened my interests. That’s basically because of how fast the technology has changed (and of course with change comes opportunity).

So at this point, you will begin to notice that I’m simply switching things up to include more topics. I’m currently working on the publishing schedule, and that, too will change as new ideas and trending topics cross my desk. If you come back to this blog, you will definitely notice the changes as well. See you soon, and thanks for coming by.