10 Best Sites Like AliExpress

AliExpress allows its customers to buy products from China and other countries via their website. Whatever it is you buy will get delivered right to your door. The slogan they pride themselves on it “Smarter Shopping, Better Living,” and with their direct-to-consumer prices it could be seen as smarter shopping. With that being said, they are not the only online shopping platform out there. As you continue reading, you will soon find out the 10 best sites like AliExpress.

Choose from items like clothing, phones and accessories, computers and office supplies, consumer electronics, jewelry and watches, home and garden, bags and shoes, toys, sports and outdoor equipment, health and beauty products, automobiles, and home improvement.

That’s a ton of options for you to search through and hopefully find the specific item you are looking for. These sites always contain different deals and sales. Since it is a worldwide service, they are able to find cheaper items to sell, but they are still come in good quality. Don’t believe me? I have actually had quite a few friends purchase basketball jerseys from AliExpress. They were in great condition by the time the jerseys arrived at my friends apartments. Plus, they looked authentic, which garnered lots of compliments from people with mediocre jerseys.

If you’ve been to a fraternity party in the south, you’ve probably seen guys and girls alike rocking the jerseys…but this is beside the point. It’s time to focus our attention to what really matters! Those 10 alternatives to AliExpress.


“The salesperson you’d ideally like to be and the salesperson you’d like to encounter as a customer should roughly be the same, shouldn’t they?”
Chris Murray


My love for Amazon is on another level, especially since I have a prime account. Unlike AliExpress, it isn’t based in China. Although, you can still find some great steals. It is one of the most popular e-commerce markets and for good reason. I’ve never had a problem using Amazon and their customer service is top-knotch. Choose from a plethora of products, check out their movie and book selection and don’t forget about using their music streaming service. If you sign up for prime, you can even get free shipping on certain purchases.



eBay has made a name for itself as one of the main online marketplace. What makes eBay so enticing is that you can bid on items. If you don’t want to pay face value, you can haggle your way to a cheaper deal. As a consumer you can communicate right with the seller and vice versa. This isn’t something you are capable of doin on AliExpress, but that is also why eBay is in a league of its own.


Light In The Box

This China-based site is the closest alternative to AliExpress than the other two sites already mentioned. The layout is very similar to that of AliExpress and you can find the same type of products on it. Just choose the language you want yoiur webpage to be displayed in and shop away. If you are a genuine fan of AliExpress, than Light In The Box should be something you check out. This site ships to more than 200 countries and accepts most major forms of payment. So you should be good to go once you make a purchase.


Mini In The Box

Sound familiar? That’s because Mini In The Box is a branch of Light In The Box. But don’t think the two are the same. Mini In The Box has some notable differences that allow it to be its own entity. Find Chinese-made products, as well as U.S. made products on this site. This one also ships to more than 200 countries and accepts most major forms of payment. See a deal you really like and then take advantage of it.



What’s better than wholesale? How about wholesale cheap electronics. Go to any store and you will find an extremely expensive elextronic gadget. Now I’m not saying you aren’t going to have to spend a little on TomTop, but you won’t have to spend as much. With plenty of deals and savings, you are bound to find that gadget you have been wanting at a reasonable price. But don’t sell this site short, there are other products to choose from. It isn’t just about electronics. See what the daily deal is and then find yourself some great deals in general. These marketplaces are all about selling you a quality product at a lower price. Is that really so bad? I don’t think so.



Everbuying specializes in fashion and technology. Again, this is another wholesale website that is based in China. Since 2006, it services more than 200 countries. Just like it’s prices, shipping is reasonably priced on this site. The layout is very similar to AliExpress, Light In The Box and the rest of these Chinese-based sites that are on this list. So basically, if you know how to manuver your way around one site, you will more than likely have mastered the rest of them. All in all, with Everbuying as your AliExpress alternative, you get the “best deals, forever saving.”



DHGate has been around since 1994, making it one of AliExpress’s oldest competitor. Like every other site, they have a slogan to pull you in…”Buy Smart. Buy Direct.” Which is exactly what you are doing when you purchase something from DHGate. You make your order and once it gets processed, DHGate will send it to the merchandise seller. If you are hoping to use PayPal on this site, then you are out of luck. But don’t give up on it jsut yet! There is a huge selection to go through and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



How could you have an article about online shopping and not think of Walmart. This mega giant is one of the most well-known companies around the world, and it has the sales to prove it. Walmart sells a variety of products, ranging from electronics, clothing, home goods, groceries, etc…you get the point, right? There is a vast amount to choose from. Like many Americans, I have made my way to Walmart’s website and gone a little online shopping spree. The nice thing about Walmart is that you can choose to have it delivered to your house, or you can decide to do an in-store pickup. Look for deals when you are visiting walmart.com, because they have plenty.



Calling all women and children…DressLink is here to answer your clothing needs. Cheap clothing, shoes and accessories has never been more instyle. Well, that’s for you to decide. But it is a cheap alternative then going out to the stores and buying some crazy expensive brand name clothes. The types of clothing that can be found on this site may look familiar to you if you are an avid AliExpress shopper. Who knows though, maybe you can get a better deal here than on AliExpress.



This happens to be one of China’s leading e-commerce sites. More than 180 countries have the ability to purchase from focalprice. The amount of categories to choose from is honestly insane. You will never run out of things to look at and possibly buy. One thing I should mention is that if you click on a clothing item, you will get sent to a third party website. This isn’t meant to scare you from using focalprice. I just thought it would be something good to know.


Now you know 10 different alternatives to AliExpress. Each online marketplace has something unique to offer its consumers. You can find some real gems on these sites.

  • Not only are some of them really good products at a high quality, but you also get some really high quality deals and savings.
  • After going through each one of the above sites, they all pride themselves on a specific slogan or statement, but it always comes down to one thing…helping you save money.
  • These websites are designed and structured to give you the best possible online experience. Of course there maybe some hiccups a long the way, but you can have a bad experience at a regular brick-and-mortar store.
  • If there is one tip that I want you to take away from this article, aside from the 10 best sites, it is that you should be careful and conscientious about the places you spend money.
  • These 10 sites have good reviews and are notable mentions as alternatives to AliExpress.

If you are a dedicated online shopper, who like to save some cash every once in awhile, then give these sites a try. Who knows what you could find or how great of an experience you may have using it. The amount of deals you can take advatage of will definitley make your wallet happy; I bet your bank account will thank you too. I was really impressed by some of the daily deals I was seeing on some of these sites. I’m sure if you took the time to look at them, then you would be impressed as well. Maybe it will even persuade you to buy something.

As for me, I’ll be spending my time casually scrolling through Amazon and trying my hardest not to spend any cash.

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