10 Best Stores Like Lulu’s

Looking for great stores like Lulu’s? If you’re a young woman in the US, looking for a place to shop for clothing and fashion, you’re almost spoiled for choice. I’m going to keep saying almost because, in spite of there being a plethora of great stores to choose from, there still isn’t one that’s going to suit everyone. There might be one that suits you or one that perfectly suits somebody you know, but we’re such a crazy, fun, beautiful amalgamation of different styles and tastes that it takes dozens of different stores to appease us. That’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Take a look at Lulu’s, for example. It’s a premiere woman’s clothing store, where you’re going to find some of the best fashions, both trendy and classic, occupying the same store space. If you’ve ever shopped there, you know that Lulu’s packs some excellent clothing and beauty options. And because it’s popular, we’ve assembled a list of 10 of the best stores similar to Lulu’s, that you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

We’re focusing primarily on those stores that offer both retail outlets and great online storefronts. Sure, it’s best when you can hit up your local mall and find exactly what you’re looking for, but not everybody has the stores that they want close to home. And furthermore, there’s just something wonderful about the convenience of shopping online. Avoid the crowds, avoid the commute, and avoid the absolutely horrid lighting in almost all retail dressing rooms. Seriously, with all of the innovation that we’ve seen on the commerce front, you’d think that those washed out lights would have been remedied, too.


Below, we’re going to introduce you to 10 stores that are worth your time to check out, especially if you frequently shop at Lulu’s. We’re not assembling this list in order to find you identical fashions. In fact, many of the sites listed below are going to showcase things that are wholly different from the designs that you’ll see at Lulu’s. They’re similar in the method of their appeal, however, and the ways that they design clothes for individuals. These fashions are aware of what’s trendy and what’s popular, but shopping at these places is designed to allow you to feel like an individual—not somebody who’s simply buying into the “fashion of the season.”

10 Best Sites Like Lulu’s

If you’re looking for an alternative for Lulu’s, there’s probably a reason. Is it too expensive for you? Have you looked over all of their seasonal offerings, only to find that you still want something a little bit different? Itching for a slightly different style? Nobody would blame you, of course! It’s a good thing to step out of that comfort zone, in most regards.

The recommendations below are going to help you to do just that. We’ll be providing links to all of the stores that you’ll want to frequent and give you a little bit of background information. You’ll learn about what they offer, and why they’re popular among consumers!

Nasty Gal

This little store had humble beginnings, and you’ll probably get a sense of that as soon as you click over to the website. It wasn’t the brainchild of a great designer, so much as it was an eBay store that eventually gained enough selling power and popularity to become its own retail name. Yet another reminder that that old phrase about “big things having small beginnings” is incredibly accurate and a personal business can grow into something fantastic.

The shoes, clothing, and accessories featured on Nasty Gal are designed for the individual. They have a taste of what’s fashionable but don’t seem to follow trends too closely. This is good, for people who want to follow their own styles, rather than clinging to seasonal trends. The prices are fair, too, and most feedback praises the clothing and items sold here for being particularly high-quality.


We couldn’t blame you for checking out MissGuided due to its excellent presentation, alone. As soon as shoppers see this site, they tend to get sucked into its trendy, almost edgy appeal. All of the clothing and items sold here are presented on real models in real lifestyle situations, so you’ll always have a good idea of what you’re getting.

They’re also aimed towards urbanites. Thus, if staying on top of popular fashion is important to you, this is a great place to start.


Many people don’t realize how much they’re going to like ModCloth until they visit the site. Some don’t even realize what styles are sold here, but click through to check it out, and you’ll see right away. ModCloth is all about blending “vintage” with “modern,” and it’s one of the few stores that manages to constantly do it successfully.

Floral prints, sundresses, blouses, cardigans, skirts, maxi dresses…the list goes on and on. If you want a taste of something classic mixed with modern shapes and aesthetic, definitely check out ModCloth.

American Apparel

There’s something immediately appealing about shopping for clothing made in the US. So little is manufactured domestically, that we can sometimes get a genuine sense of pride when we’re wearing something that is. The clothing sold at American Apparel isn’t necessarily “patriotic,” something we’re thankful for; nobody wants to wear gaudy clothing on the regular, after all. But all of the designs were formulated and crafted in the Los Angeles area, and that’s pretty cool.

It’s all urban, fashionable, and meant to last. American Apparel sells men’s clothing, as well. Expect to spend a little bit more when you shop here; it’s simply the reality of buying clothing manufactured in the US.

Pixie Market

Power sleeves, sweaters, and party dresses, oh my! There’s a little bit of something for everyone at Pixie Market, and all of their clothing and accessories simply ooze classiness. It’s a place to shop for women who want to dress powerfully, while still embracing styles that reflect femininity. The clothing sold here is sharp and flattering; right up your alley for situation both relaxed and professional.

Prices are a little higher than many consumers might be used to, but once you see the clothing on display, we feel that you’ll be satisfied. You simply won’t find clothing stores offering such a snappy selection that don’t require paying a little bit of a premium.

Dorothy Perkins

More and more often, online retailers especially are allowing consumers to “shop by fit.” Dorothy Perkins does an excellent job of this, while featuring styles and that look both comfortable and strong. They’re not the most vibrant of clothing selections in the world, but “edge” isn’t really something on display, here.

Instead, you’ll find clothing for every occasion, much of which can suit several occasions. Consumer feedback for this store has been consistently high, so go in expecting a good experience!


First things first—all of the clothing sold at this popular online retailer is designed in Los Angeles. That should be ringing some familiar bells, from a previous entry on our list, but Tobi offers refreshingly individual styles. You’ll feel uniquely equipped after shopping here, especially if you value “beach-inclined” urban aesthetic. Tobi is some of California fashion at its finest.

The company handles every facet of its own business, so if you’re looking for a truly domestic, US-based shopping experience, then congratulations—you’ve found it!

Free People

For many people, beach life is the best life. After seeing some of the styles on display, I know that would be hard-pressed to disprove such a forward-thinking aesthetic. You’ll find it on prominent display at Free People, where every aspect of their clothing selection seems to scream, “West coast, best coast.”

Outerwear, formal wear, intimates, shoes…just about everything under the sun (pun intended) is available from Free People. No matter where you live, if you’ve been looking for a place to shop for an easygoing style, check it out!

Urban Outfitters

Urban lifestyle is something that’s particularly hard to convey in clothing styles, primarily because it means something different to so many who choose to embrace it. If that’s you, then check out Urban Outfitters, and see how well they’ve succeeded. This brand tends to blend clothing style with pop culture in a way that exudes “modern.”

Beauty products are featured right alongside truly individual clothing styles. It’s possible to shop for something immediately recognizable as “popular” while still finding that perfect style that’s only your own.


We’re saving GAP for last on this list for a reason. Compared to many of the other stores featured in our recommendations, this one doesn’t do a ton to set itself apart from the mainstream crowd. However, that’s also part of its appeal, and so it maintains a firm place in the minds of many consumers.

You’ll find a wide selection of clothing styles for men, women, and kids at this store, but none of it will stand out in some of the eccentric, localized ways that you’d find with other options above. That tends to be a sort of mainstream approach of its own, and for many consumers, that’s exactly what they want. If you’re looking for something a little more streamlined—reliably classy, easygoing in both professional and casual environments—be sure to check out the selection.

That wraps up our list! The above 10 stores are some of the best to shop, if you’re looking for an experience similar to what Lulu’s offers. They have differing price points and sharply contrasting styles, but nobody wants to have the same shopping experience, everywhere they go. Step out of your comfort zone, and check out some of these stellar recommendations.

And remember—if you have any recommendations of your own, be sure to chime in through the comments below!

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