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Shopping for clothing is hard enough on most days, isn’t it? If you like Tobi, it’s easiest to find stores like it to star. Let alone finding something that was designed and produced in the United States, where you can be assured that the styles you’re shopping for were formulated domestically. This isn’t always the most important qualification for finding a great personal aesthetic for your wardrobe, of course, but some consumers certainly find it attractive. Those that shop with Tobi tend to value that fact about the company more than several others—apart from, you know, the fact that they sell great clothing.

If you’re a fan of what Tobi has to offer, but still find yourself wanting other great clothing options, read on to hear about some of our top recommendations!

Stores Like Tobi

What makes Tobi great? Different shoppers are going to give you different answers, of course, but one of the most prevalent responses is definitely going to be the fact that the clothing is designed and produced right here in the United States. For those living in the US, this presents a fantastic opportunity to support a company that’s providing jobs right here. For those living outside of the US, you’re getting a chance to see what California fashion is all about; after all, it’s derived from an urbanized, Los Angeles aesthetic that screams “West coast” in all of the right ways.

You’re getting fair prices, too. This clothing is built to last and built to impress, and for the supreme production quality that’s behind it, these prices are able to remain appealing to consumers on a wide variety of budgets.

In assembling our list of alternative recommendations, below, we’ve tried to keep all of these things in mind. We’re price conscious around here, so we’re not going to send you off to drop exorbitant amounts of money (unless you’re really in the mood to shop; you do you, boo.) Similarly, we’ve also hunted down some of the best clothing and fashion stores that are designing and producing right here in the US. If that’s an aspect of Tobi that you love, get ready, because we’ve got more of it!


LuLu’s is one of those stores that immediately appeals to a ton of women shoppers. Urban chic is what this retailer is all about, and if you enjoy the “city girl” vibes exuded by Tobi, you’re going to pick up much of the same right here.

Shop through the LuLu’s Instagram page if you want to get a well-rounded sense of the fashion on sale, here. It’s trendy, it’s popular, and just like the clothing is built to last, so too is the style. There’s a certain timelessness about LuLu’s clothing that draws customers from all walks of life. Clothing, shoes, accessories—you’ll find it all, here.

American Apparel

It’s hard to find a more direct comparison to Tobi than what you’ll see with American Apparel. It’s another company that’s operating exclusively out of Los Angeles. American designers are crafting their trade right here, and everything that American Apparel sells is manufactured domestically, as well.

Unlike several other options on this list of recommendations, this company sells men’s and women’s clothing. It was recently in dire straights, after filing for bankruptcy back in 2016. However, it’s been acquired by a new parent company, and is right back to manufacturing and designing some of the most appealing, casual, urban clothing that you’re going to find through an online retailer.

Nasty Gal

Around here, we’re all about cheering for the underdog. I’m not sure if Nasty Gal qualifies as an “underdog” story any longer, but it certainly has risen up from decidedly humble beginnings. The store began as a shop running out of a little corner on eBay but has expanded to be one of the most prolific online retailers for women’s clothing that you’re going to find. Quite impressive, right?

There are a heck of a lot of different fashion niches on display, here, and they’re all meant to excellently represent individual tastes. No matter which walks of life you’ve come from, there’s a good chance that something here is going to appeal to you. And there’s almost always a great selection of clothing and accessories on sale!

Forever 21

Quite a few things can be derived from a name. If you somehow missed the fact that this store caters towards a youthful aesthetic, then it’s time to take another glance. Forever 21 is all about youthful energy and style, with displayed fashions shifting and evolving just as swiftly and fluently as youth culture tends to.

Surprisingly, this store sells both men’s and women’s clothing, as well, and does an excellent job with the accurate representation of sizes and body types. That can be a rare thing, and many guys and gals have difficulty finding themselves portrayed in any similar sense by the clothing models with many stores. Not so much, here, so if you’re looking for something not-quite-urban, not-quite-classy, not-quite-casual, click through to see what’s currently on offer for the season.


Once again, we’re diverging a little bit for the sake of providing a diverse selection of recommendations. The styles offered through Anthropologie might be somewhat different than you’ll find at Tobi, but the shopping experience is just as high-quality. In addition to that, this store sells a compelling assortment of home goods, too.

Sometimes, the hip and trendy offerings of stores like Urban Outfitters (owned by the same parent company, by the way) are a thing that we grow out of. If you find that you’ve matured beyond the stylings of youth-catering fashion styles, give Anthropologie a shot. It’s mature, but not aged; classy, but still fresh and energetic.


Wow! Are we at risk of going far too mainstream, by including Nordstrom on this list? We don’t think so, especially since it’s one of those company’s that has danced and jived along with the wildly shifting market of online retail. That’s been a difficult thing to do, but Nordstrom still carries a hugely diverse selection of styles and clothing options, in addition to fashion accessories and just about anything you might want when complimenting your own home’s aesthetic.

There are a huge amount of brands on display, here—another divergence from other recommendations on this list. But if you have any doubt that Nordstrom sells clothing that’s just as trendy and modern as any other retailer, check them out to have that doubt cast aside.


This store is all about providing hip, modern fashion from a fresh perspective. What tends to attract quite a few consumers are their comparatively low prices, balanced with similar styles that you’ll find with much more expensive retailers.

Shoes, clothing, accessories, intimate wear—it’s all featured here, and though some shoppers have reported hit-and-miss experiences with the quality of the clothing sold here, we’re confident enough to include it in our list of recommendations.

Charlotte Russe

Trendy women’s clothing. What else is there to say, really, beyond the tagline that this retailer uses to advertise itself? It’s the prominent theme that runs through all of the clothing and accessories sold, here, and you’ll see it quite clearly as soon as you check it out.

Similar to GoJane, above, Charlotte Russe tends to follow fashionable trends, rather than be a trendsetter. If you’re looking for great sales and less expensive options for clothing that you know is in style, be sure to check out this store!

Pixie Market

Pixie Market has remained a great place for international fashion shopping for quite a while, now; after all, it’s hard to beat free international shipping rates to a plethora of different companies, just like it’s hard to beat the fashion sense of this trendy retailer.

You’ll see casual mixed with professional, providing clothing that’s suitable in a variety of different situations. Pixie Market is all about denim, going into the Spring season, so if you want to get on board, now’s the time!


People shop at ModCloth for quite a few different reasons, and maybe it’s that conflation of motivation that has made it so popular. It’s hard to pin down the style that’s represented, here, apart from the fact that it’s so clearly classic and modern at the same time. The shapes and sizes that people find appealing in contemporary styles are blended with the classic—floral prints, ruffles, collars, and more.

There’s almost always a sale going on, too. If the word “vintage” fits anywhere in your wardrobe, you owe it to yourself to do some shopping at ModCloth.

There we have it, dear readers. 10 of the best alternatives to Tobi that you’re going to find online or locally, all available with links for your browsing pleasure. Each of these retailers is popular for their own reason, and they all carry very different styles of goods. No matter what your individual sense of fashion may point towards, there’s a good chance you’re going to find something at several of these stores.

Any questions? Suggestions of your own? Critiques? Experiences? We want to hear it all! Speak up in the comments, below!

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