In Depth Review: Best 3D Pen

3D printing has become a massive phenomenon in the span of a few short years. We can 3D print just about anything, and that idea is futuristic and exciting at the thought of what we can quickly create. Typically most people can’t afford a massive $5000 printer, but what you might not realize is that you can afford a 3D pen. If that interests you, then read on to learn about the best 3D pens you can buy.

I’m looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past.- Mike Rowe

3D Pens on This List

PenPortable?Filament Type
MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D PenYesABS Plastic
3Doodler Create PenNo3mm ABS plastic
AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing PenNoPLA filament
Wokashaka Professional Printing 3D PenYesPCL Filament

3D Pens

Let’s go over some of the best 3D pens we have found on Amazon. The prices do range some, so make sure you check them out.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen- Great for kids of all ages

You can check out, and purchase, this 3D pen from Amazon here.


  • It is less than $80
  • Very user, and kid, friendly
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Totally portable
  • Tip is able to be replaceable
  • The speed at which the filament comes out is controllable
  • Has an OLED screen that shows temp
  • Come with:
    • 3 colors
    • AC adapter


This is a great entry level pen for either kids, or someone like me who knows very little about 3D pens. The pen has a screen that tells you what the temperature is at which the filament is coming out at, and the temperature itself is adjustable. The flow of the pen is also adjustable, so you can decide what works best for you and what speed your comfortable with. The tip of the pen is also replaceable, so if you mess up with the temperature and the pen becomes clogged you have a backup tip. Another great feature is that this pen can be portable, so you are not held back by any cords.

Typically when you purchase something the idea is you get what you pay for, but this pen does seem to go against that. It feels sturdy and well-made, and does not seem to jam up easily. Now jam ups happen when you mess up the temperature, and just about any 3D pen is susceptible to this, however this pen has a replaceable tip so if it jams the entire pen isn’t dead. What the removable tip means is that the pen is made to be more user friendly and is forgiving about any accidents.

My Rating:

This is really a great entry-level 3D pen. It is forgiving about any temperature issues, and just operating it is very easy to do once you get the hang of it. We recommend this product to kids and any newbies who want to get into the 3D creating craze. I give this pen a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

3Doodler Create 3D Pen- Buy this to help out a small business

You can check out this beauty, and hopefully purchase, on Amazon here.


  • Very slim and ergonomic
  • Comes with some free stencils you can get only
  • This pen is a startup
  • This pen can be used with a bunch of different plastics
  • Can purchase a bunch of different accessories
  • Comes with:
    • Power cord
    • 2 bags of plastic


This is really a great pen, and is decently unique. This pen started as a Kickstarter idea that grew to being sold on Amazon, and that is pretty darn nifty because this is truly a great pen. It is extremely sturdy and will fit very comfortably in your hand. This pen is actually the third generation of the original pen, so the creators have really perfected this pen and learned from different designs. You can get this awesome 3D pen for less than $95.

To me one of the things about this pen are all the different accessories you can get for it that are created by the same company. That means that the accessories will actually fit and work well with the pen. Here are just a few of the many they have:

  • Stand
  • Nozzle set
  • 3Doodler stencil book
  • Portable battery pack
  • Plastic filament bundles
  • Emoji kits
  • Pedal

Again y’all, these are only a few of the many accessories you can buy for this pen alone.

My Rating:

I am a pretty big fan of this pen; it is very sturdy and well-made, and it is very user friendly. I also like the fact that this idea stemmed from a Kickstart idea that has grown into a business for the founders. I also think the fact that there are so many accessories is great because it really allows users to customize and use the pen the way they want to. My only slight issue with this pen is that it does not have a screen to tell you temperature or whatever it is you need to know. This 3D pen deserves a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen- Great for those who really want to become a great 3D doodler

You can check out this AIO Robotics 3D pen on Amazon here for less than $50.


  • OLED screen
  • Flow is very adjustable
  • Can adjust temperature
  • Comes with:
    • 2 filaments
    • AC adapter


I will start off by saying I don’t like this pen as much as I like the other pens, but this one is still nice. It has an OLED screen that gives you the temperature and flow information, which is a great feature. This pen is also very user friendly and is really great for either newbies or kids. My biggest thing with this pen is that the filament needs to be a specific kind, instead of the others on this list. The filament you need is not super expensive, which is a plus. the quality of this pen really is great, and it doesn’t feel like a cheap toy.

My Rating:

This is another really great 3D pen that anyone can easily learn to use. I love the OLED display because it allows you to keep an eye on how everything is doing with your pen. This pen deserves a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Wokashaka Professional Printing 3D Pen- Great pen for those on the go

You can check out, and buy, this 3D pen from Amazon here for less than $80.


  • OLED screen
  • USB powered
  • Very compact and easy to hold
  • Very kid friendly
  • Comes with:
    • USB charging cable
    • Base for the pen
    • Long random filament


This last pen on our list is really a great portable, and kid friendly, 3D pen. The pen itself doesn’t get too hot, so you don’t have to worry about yourself, or your kids, getting burned by the tip. The material in the filament is called PCL, which is eco-friendly and can actually be molded easier than some other materials. I also love that this pen is portable and charges via USB, so you could actually plug it into your computer or laptop and charge it up.

Another great thing about the filament, besides what I listed above, is that it is actually pretty cheap to get a big bundle of different colors. When you buy your filament make sure you are buying the right kind. If you get the wrong kind of filament you wasted your money and have the potential of actually breaking your pen, so pay attention!

My Rating:

This is yet another great pen for kids and newbies, as are most of the pens on this list. This is actually the pen I would recommend to any new users, it is fairly forgiving and doesn’t get too hot so you don’t accidentally burn yourself. This pen definitely deserves a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What Are 3D Pens and What Do They Do?

These are two pretty important questions to answer so you can actually understand just what a 3D pen is, so let’s go over it:

What is a 3D pen?

So we know, or have a general idea what 3D printers are; they use melted plastic to create something. Well 3D pens are kind of a love child of a 3D printer and a hot glue gun. You load plastic filament into the pen, and the pen heats up and melts the plastic. The heated plastic then comes out of the pen tip and you can create some pretty cool things.

You see how it is a 3D printer and hot glue gun lovechild? With hot glue guns we heat the glue up to its melting point and then push it out and glue things together (or burn ourselves and lose glue gun privileges in Girl Scouts).

What can we do with 3D pens?

Just what can we do with 3D pens? Well, the possibilities are endless. Yes, you can make super cool art pieces and have a bunch of fun. But you can also use 3D pens to actually fix things, and even to test out some ideas that you have. Most people, however, will use the pens as a novelty toy. Before you drop a lot of cash, make sure you aren’t spending money on a high end pen just for a couple of uses.

That wraps up our review of the best 3D pens on Amazon. If y’all can think of any ones we missed, write them down below in the comments!

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