In Depth Review: Best Xbox Steering Wheel

Racing and driving games are just plain fun. You get to race around at high speeds and weave in and out of cars and traffic. We also know that immersion into a game is also vital to actually caring about the plot and story line. So how do you combine a racing game and immersion? Well, you get a steering wheel to race with. Check out this article to read about the best steering wheels for Xbox.

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Steering Wheels on This List

BrandPC Compatible?Is it mountable?
Logitech G920 Driving ForceYesYes
Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 SpiderNoYes
HORI Racing Wheel OverdriveNoNo
Xbox 360 Wireless SpeedNoNo

The Best Xbox Steering Wheels

Let’s go over some of the best steering wheels you can get for your Xbox. All of these can be found on Amazon, and remember to pay attention to the prices because they do range.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel- Great for the ultimate immersion

You can check out, and buy, this steering wheel on Amazon here.


  • On wheel d-pad
  • Works with Xbox and PC
  • Can purchase an optional shifter
  • Comes with:
    • Steering wheel
    • Pedals
    • Power cord


I genuinely believe that this Logitech G920 is the go to steering wheel when you decide to actually get a steering wheel. Now the price on this guy ranges from being less than $230 all the way to less than $340, depending on if you get a shifter with it or not. No, it isn’t super cheap, but that is actually a good thing. This steering wheel really does feel very comfortable to use, and honestly has feedback very much like driving a car. Logitech actually used gears and parts that are used in car steering wheels and put them into this steering wheel to give you the best driving experience available.

Another cool thing is the racing stripe on the wheel itself. If you look in the picture above you will see a grey stripe along the top of the wheel. What that does is allow you to stay oriented because the wheel actually has a 900 degree rotation, so as you’re turning you will just barely see that little strip (in your peripheral vision) to help you stay oriented and stay on track. Another great detail is the D-pad on the wheel itself, allowing you to get through the menu screens to actually get to racing. Some wheels you have to change settings by turning the wheel and using the pedals, but this makes it so much simpler. Speaking of pedals, the pedals that come with the wheel are very easy to use and they also have realistic feedback.

The final thing I want to mention about this steering wheel is that it is mountable, meaning it is ready to be hooked up into a mounting rig (you can find one down below). That means you dont have to set the steering wheel on a table or try to balance it in your lap.

My Rating:

If you are looking for a steering wheel for your Xbox, I highly recommend looking at this wheel. It looks and feels great, and the pedals work great. You can also mount it to a rig, which makes driving much easier (and it makes your setup look great). This can very easily connect to your Xbox One, and can even be used on a PC. I give this wheel a 5 out of 5 stars, if you are looking for Xbox steering wheels do yourself a favor and at least check this one out.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel- Best wheel for car freaks

You can read all about this Ferrari 458 steering wheel on Amazon here.


  • Comes with adjustable pedals
  • Has D-pad
  • Steering has some resistance (which is great)
  • Can be mounted
  • Rubberized grips
  • Comes with:
    • Steering wheel
    • Pedals
    • Cord


This is a beautiful steering wheel modeled after the Ferrari 458 steering wheel. Unlike the Logitech G920 this wheel only has 240 degrees of rotation, which is still quite bit so it isn’t a horrible thing. The grips are rubberized (the red parts of the wheel) and are easy to hold onto. As you can see in the picture above, this steering wheel looks awesome. It has a big start button, paddle shifters, has a D-pad to easily get you through the menus, and it comes with pedals. The pedals have great feedback and feel sturdy when you press on them.

This steering wheel comes in under $100, so it is definitely cheaper than the G920 above. However, at least to me, the quality isn’t as great as the Logitech. The D-pad is not as easy to use as the Logitech is, and the rotation of the wheel isn’t as great as the G920. Some people in the reviews had mentioned that when the wheel is at center they had problems making minor corrections, kind of like a dead spot. Now it could very well have just been a defective wheel, but the “problem” is still there. I use the term problem loosely because this wheel isn’t meant to be professional grade; it is for people who enjoy playing racing games and want total immersion with a steering wheel.

My Rating:

This really is a great entry-level steering wheel that is pretty affordable. It is well made and feels very sturdy. It also comes with clamps which means that it can connect to a table or desk easily. I think this wheel deserves a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive for Xbox One- For those who want to be the first to use a product

You can check this steering wheel, and pre-order it, on Amazon here.


  • This is officially licensed by Microsoft
  • Can connect to PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Pedals included
  • “Mountable”
  • Comes with:
    • Pedals
    • Steering wheel
    • Cord


I will start off by saying that this wheel is available for pre-order and will be released August 18, 2017. That being said, there are no Amazon reviews you can look at, so we will try to satisfy your curiosity. This steering wheel has no frills at all; it is all plastic, with no pretty accessories or bling on it. There won’t be any real feedback or anything included on this wheel, which to me is a massive drawback. Another negative is the mounts are actually suction cups…. No clamps, just little suction cups. There is also no vibrate function, which goes together with the feedback most people want in a steering wheel. This isn’t a horrible wheel by any means. It does have 270 degree rotation, and the wheel has a racing stripe to keep in your peripheral vision. It is also great that this can be used on Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as PC.

The worst part: This comes in right under $100. Now with the lack of features this wheel should cost way less, but whatever. Also, some people have mentioned that the release date keeps getting pushed back, so it may not come out on August 18.

My Rating:

Any rating I give won’t necessarily be accurate purely because it hasn’t been released yet., But what I will rate is what we know; some features and the price. For the same price you can get a decent Ferrari Thrustmaster wheel like the one above. So based on what we know, and the price, I will give it a generous 3 out of 5 stars.

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel- For those who are feeling nostalgic

You can check out this beauty on Amazon here.


  • Motion sensors
  • Triggers are brake and gas
  • Vibration
  • Comes with:
    • Steering wheel
    • Cord


For our final steering wheel we wanted to take it back to the original Xbox 360 steering wheel. This can only connect to the Xbox 360, so trying it on the Xbox One will be pointless. This will work best with Forza or something similar, but you can somewhat use it with GTA V (might have to swap between controllers). This has a rumble pack in it (better than the HORI steering wheel), which gives you a little more immersion with a wireless steering wheel. The price is also great, you can get a brand new wheel for your Xbox 360 for less than $70.

My Rating:

This is an awesome little steering wheel that allows you to play your racing games on your 360. This is not meant to be an immersive, realistic feel for racing, but more of a nifty wireless controller. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

F458 Racing Steering Wheel Black Stand- For the ultimate setup

You can check this stand out on Amazon here.

This is one of many stands you can get for your steering wheel, but this one is one of the nicer ones. This will set you back less than $165 on Amazon, and it makes your gaming setup look super awesome. This is a very popular wheel and is the top seller on Amazon. This fits a variety of wheels, so make sure when you look at stands you make sure it fits your steering wheel. There are also other types of stands on Amazon, so you can do a search for “Xbox One steering wheel stand”.

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