Fix: Netflix Error Code 11800 & 10008 For Apple TV
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Getting your daily video streaming fix is supposed to be a relatively simple process, especially with subscription services that you have to pay monthly for, such as Netflix. How frustrating it becomes, then, when you run into show-stopping error codes (11800 or 10008, in this instance) when you’re using your Apple TV. Aren’t Apple products meant to be relatively problem-free? Isn’t the point of the Apple hardware and software ecosystem supposed to be “it always works?” And what gives, Netflix? What’s all of that subscription money going toward, if not an error-free video streaming experience?

These are all perfectly legitimate questions, and we’re going to tackle the subject thoroughly, below. If you’ve ever run into these problematic error codes while trying to access the Netflix app on your Apple TV, read on to find your potential solutions.

To be clear, nobody is running into these error codes particularly often. That doesn’t mean they aren’t of consequence, but it should reinforce the idea that both Netflix and Apple run pretty tight ships. Neither company is renowned for shoving out products that contain a wide variety of glitches or errors, and thus, we can view such occasions as outliers.

It shouldn’t dissuade you from getting onboard with the Apple TV or Netflix. However, you’ve likely arrived at this article because it’s happened to you. Let’s dig into a potential fix, and also explore the reasons why this error crops up in the first place.

Using Netflix on Your Apple TV

For the most part, all of the apps that work on Apple TV work just as seamlessly as everything else on the Apple App Store. They’re vetted and tested to ensure that they’re operating correctly, before every being distributed. Thus, we can pretty much trust that error codes such as the ones we’re discussing today aren’t frequent or expected occurrences. If they were widespread, you can bet that they’d be patched out with an app update almost immediately.

Common Apple TV Errors

One of the most frequent reasons that people encounter connection errors with any app on their Apple TV has to do with their Apple account, rather than any problem with the app itself. Therefore, it’s a good idea to double-check that your Apple account is set up and active on your Apple TV. If you’ve recently set up a new Apple device using the same account, or if you’ve recently changed your account password, this can occasionally cause things to go out of sync.

  • Click on the Settings app.
  • Select Accounts followed by iTunes & App Store.
  • From here, make sure that you’re signed into your Apple account, using the correct email address and password.

Simple stuff, but worth double-checking before further troubleshooting!

Common Netflix Errors

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re properly signed into your Netflix account. For the same reasons as above, it’s possible for your Apple TV to get unsynced from your usual Netflix sign-in.

  • Open up the Netflix app.
  • Select Switch Accounts.
  • From here, you can sign out of your current account, and then sign in again. If you’re already signed out, simply enter your login information.

Once again, this is fairly easy, but it’s a necessary troubleshooting step before we dig into those error codes.

Common WiFi Errors

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” We’re not in an episode of the IT Crowd, but seriously, try resetting your modem and router. Streaming errors are most frequently caused by local connection problems.

This process is going to change depending on your particular hardware configuration, so do what’s necessary to make sure that the WiFi connection your Apple TV uses is working properly.

Fixing Error Codes 11800 & 10008

With some of the more basic troubleshooting out of the way, we can look more specifically at these error codes, and what they mean for your Netflix experience on Apple TV.

Error Code 11800

Contrary to what many suspect, error code 11800 actually has more to do with the Apple TV’s configuration than it does the Netflix app, itself. According to testing from many users, the only reason that many see it frequently when using Netflix is due to the way that the app places heavier stress and demands on your local internet connection.

Specifically, this error code tends to crop up when your Apple TV is having trouble connecting to servers via DNS lookup, which usually speaks to a faulty DNS assignment. However, that isn’t exactly right, either — many users find that the error code appears even when the rest of their online functionality is working just fine.

What most users recommend to resolve this error code is restoring the default DNS settings provided for your ISP. It’s common knowledge that using other DNS listings can help to improve certain network connections, but when you’re using your Apple TV to connect to Netflix, the discrepancies between the DNS used by other devices on your network and those custom settings that you’ve used elsewhere can cause problems.

Most modems and routers can reacquire their default DNS settings when you physically reset them. Keep in mind, this is a step beyond the usual power cycling, and usually involves depressing a small “reset” button found on the modem and router hardware. As long as you have a persistent, active internet connection, your hardware should have no difficulty acquiring the default settings used by your ISP.

In addition to that, you should make sure that the DNS settings on your Apple TV are set to automatic. This can be changed in the Settings app on your device.

Give this resolution a shot, first. Once you’ve acquired your ISP’s default DNS, try the Netflix app on your Apple TV again, and see if the error code is resolved. If it isn’t, the following steps might help to resolve the issue:

  • Power cycle your Apple TV and see if your streaming connection in the Netflix app has improved.
  • Delete and reinstall the Netflix app on your Apple TV, after switching back to the default DNS settings.

If the error code persists, you may have to attempt contact for further instruction. For most users, however, the error code is resolved through the following steps.

Error Code 10008

Interestingly, this error code tends to show up under the same circumstances at the 11800 issue, when you’re attempting to use the Netflix app on your Apple TV. It’s frustrating for many of the same reasons, too, since it doesn’t tell users where the problem is. Their local internet connection? The Netflix app? The Apple TV’s settings? It’s not isolated to any particular model of the Apple TV, so this tells us, at least, that the problem isn’t hardware related.

For the most part, the steps that we took to resolve error code 11800 will work to resolve the 10008 problem, too. Working your way through the troubleshooting steps that we presented above should help to fix the issue unless it’s an error caused by the coding of the Netflix app, itself (which is an incredibly rare circumstance.)

  • Make sure that your DNS settings are set to your ISP’s default. This is especially prudent for your Apple TV itself, where the DNS can be adjusted in the Settings app.
  • Power cycle all of your connected devices — modem, router, and Apple TV. On your device, this will help to make sure that no cached information is messing with the Netflix app.
  • Sign out of the Netflix app and then sign back in, with your correct login information. This will help to ensure that no account information errors are obstruction your connection.

The above steps have helped dozens of other users to resolve error code 10008, whenever it shows up. Understandably, this causes some frustration for users that are set on using a custom DNS lookup on their devices, but for now, it’s the easiest way to make sure that those custom settings aren’t interfering with the Netflix app. And it’s important to realize that this probably won’t be changing until Netflix makes adjustments to its own apps and services — the responsibility isn’t with Apple to resolve the way that a particular app connects to a streaming service.

It should also be stated that these problems aren’t any way tied to a particular hardware configuration of the Apple TV. We know this because the very same error codes are happening across different models of the same device, as well as on the iPad and iPhone. The common link between all of those is the Netflix app, attempting to connect to the same services and same servers.

If you run into any additional problems or our suggestions above don’t help you to resolve these error codes, it’s probably time to contact Netflix. We recommend pinging the Netflix Customer Service account on Twitter, for direct and immediate help. Meanwhile, we hope that our troubleshooting fixes for error codes 11800 and 10008 have helped you to get Netflix up and working your Apple TV. If you have any remaining questions that we can help with, let us know in the comments below!

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