Is CDKeys Legit & Safe? is an online store where you can buy, you guessed it, CD-keys for activation. If you are unfamiliar with what those are, I will explain a little bit later in the article. But, the basic gist is that they are activation codes for video games and other digital products. That means that you purchase a code from them for whatever product you want and they send you a code that you can type into your electronic device.

One thing that makes people nervous about using them for some reason is that they send you a code for the game or product, not the actual physical disk copy. It’s a new concept that has only begun to take off in recent years. With new technology, people are going to be generally cautious and it may take them time to become familiar with a new service. CDkeys is definitely a new company, and it may take some time to get off the ground.

Their twitter bio reads “All the latest PC Games, CD Keys, Xbox Live and PSN Cards at rock bottom prices.” But, how accurate is this bold claim and should you trust them? That is what I will explore in this article and let you decide.

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What Are CD-Keys? didn’t invent that term. They’ve been around for over a decade, and you may have heard them referred to as an activation code, product key, product ID, registration key, or a serial key. They are a group of numbers or letters that helps prevent software piracy, and with it, you can download a digital product from off of the Internet. To get a feel for products that use CDkeys, continue on for the products that are offered on this site. If you want to learn more about how these keys work, check out the Wikipedia page.

Products Offered

Now, the main selling point of this company is their games. As you can see from the screenshot of their website, that is what is the main feature. But, as I talked about what CD keys are, they are available for nearly any product that you can buy a digital copy of. CDkeys has nearly all of these options. Here is a list of their products. For each system I list, I won’t mention all of the games that they have, just assume that you will be able to find almost every game you want for a system. This goes into the other products which are lesser known.

All Consoles: They offer season passes for nearly every new game out on the new consoles. These season passes give users downloaded content for a game that cost extra, such as bonus maps or unlocked features. A season pass gives the customer all of these products in a bundle, which saves them money if they were to buy a majority of them. The consoles they have products for are Xbox One/360, Playstation 3/4, Wii, and PC.

They offer season passes for nearly every new game out on the new consoles. These season passes give users downloaded content for a game that costs extra, such as bonus maps or unlocked features. A season pass gives the customer all of these products in a bundle, which saves them money if they were to buy a majority of them.

They also offer keys for getting online for each console, like access to Xbox Live or PSN. They also offer gift cards that are specific to each store or game.

Other Than Games

Besides just video games, other companies that they sell gift cards of at lower rates include Netflix, Facebook, iTunes, Google Play, Steam, Origin, Battlenet, and NOW TV.

Is It Legit and Safe?

So now to answer the question everyone wants to know and the title of the article; is this store safe and should you trust and use it? From everything I have read online, from reviews to gaming forums, I would say a resounding yes. Not only would I say it is legit, but I would go further in saying that I actually recommend this product over alternatives available in the gaming industry.

They have great prices on new games and their older games are also much cheaper. If you buy older games on a disk, many times they will be pre-owned which means they are used. This can be risky as you really don’t know the condition of a used game until after you play it. If a player plays a game for a couple years religiously, the game is probably in very poor shape.

With CDkeys, you are obviously the first and only owner of the game, as the code they send to you is unique. This is great because nothing is worst than buying a used game because it was at a discount only to find that it’s scratched and the games glitches and freezes all the time. On the next-gen consoles, brand new disks fail a lot more than content downloaded straight from the Internet. Disks are becoming less and less possible over the years due to a variety of factors.

The reason for me strongly recommending it has everything to do with logistics. The first and most obvious is that games on a disk are a higher cost to the manufacturers. Making the disk, the box, and then shipping it to wherever are all costs that are simply avoided. Not only is it cheaper to do that, it completely eliminates manufacturing and shipping costs. That is a huge benefit of the Internet and you can’t say that about many services. The quick delivery time is also a huge advantage. Instead of having to drive to a store or ordering a game online and waiting for a week, CDkeys sends you the code within seconds of you placing the order. They run a quick security check before sending it out as well to make sure it will work correctly.

So, why have CDkeys only started to gain popularity recently? Well at first, on the older consoles, a big knock on downloading a game from an online store was that it took hours to download on your device. A game on a disk simply could be put into your console and then run immediately, sometimes with a quick update required. What has drastically changed is that now on the next-gen consoles buying a disk doesn’t speed up that process at all. The process is still just as long, as downloading around 50 GB to any hard drive will take a while. But, they are virtually the same for a disk or buying a code from online. It seems counter-intuitive, but it is a flaw with many of these newer consoles and a common complaint in the gaming community.

What Deals Can You Expect?

Now that you know to be a legit site, let’s get into some deals you may find on it. Another thing that makes CDkeys a trustworthy website is that the deals they have aren’t so outlandishly good that they are too good to be true. This isn’t a DealDash or Beezid.  This is a website with small discounts that may save you $5-$10 on a new game or even $20 on an older game if you are lucky. They don’t make any crazy or bold claims that you will save 99% off, which legitimizes their business even further. I could write a whole article detailing every deal they have, but as a general rule, you will usually save about 10%-15% on most products. Also considering that you get the content as quick as possible, that is really a good deal.

If you want to stay up to date on their latest deals, make sure you follow their twitter. Every day they post daily deals that are only valid for 24 hours, so you definitely don’t want to miss those!


After reading all of the information I have provided above, I think it is definitely safe to say this is a 100% legit and safe website that is completely free of scams. Not only do they have great reviews from customers on their site and on forums like Redditbut they also have great customer service and a track record to back it up. The company is just beginning and in their start-up stage, but I think they will grow tremendously in the next coming years.

A big reason behind that is that they are the premier sellers of CDkeys on the market. Disk copies of games are slowly starting to become things of the past in modern gaming. It’s a slow transition, but many players are opting to buy most of their games from the Microsoft store if the use Xbox or the Sony store for PS4. Not only is CDkeys a legit and safe website you should trust, but it is also a much cheaper and efficient way of buying video games. You can order the product for cheaper than anywhere else and you get it within seconds. Cheaper than the competition and literally unbeatable speed. What’s not to love about this company? So, if you are ever in the need of a new game or other digital access codes you may need, is a great place to start.

If you have ever used CDkeys we would love to hear about your experience as a customer as you could provide even more details about the subject. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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