OLED TV Vs. 4K LED UHD TV: What Should You Get?

TV’s are a very crucial part of our lives (at least to some people). It’s where we watch Netflix, play Xbox, and watch Game of Thrones on HBO. Recently, high definition has become a necessity in television because the picture quality is so great, but it has become so difficult to understand all the different kinds of HD technology. Check out this guide to learn the difference between 4K LED and OLED televisions.


Before we get into everything it is important to know some definitions that apply to 4K televisions and OLED televisions.

  • 4K UHD(UHD– ultra high definition): 4K tv’s have a resolution of 4000 pixels
    • Has a resolution of 3840 x 2160
    • Has twice the resolution of 1080p with 4 times as many pixels
  • OLED (Stands for organic light emitting diode): This uses organic films placed in between two electrodes which causes a very bright light
    • These use less power and are thinner televisions
    • Totally new technology, gives an incredibly great picture quality
    • Each pixel operates individually to create a picture
    • To learn more you can check out Best Buy’s OLED learning guide here
  • Pixel: basically a pixel is a single unit of color that can be programmed on a screen
    • Sizing depends on the resolution of the TV
    • The more pixels a TV has the better the picture
  • Resolution: when talking about the resolution of a TV, the term resolution means the amount of detail a picture has. There are 2 types of resolution- Vertical and horizontal
    • Vertical resolution: Basically the the amount of horizontal lines from the top of the screen to the bottom
    • Horizontal resolution: The amount of vertical lines from one side of an image to the other
  • 1080p: This is a high-definition standard with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
    • P stands for “progressive scan” meaning that each frame is shown in a single scan
  • HDMI (stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface)- This refers to the cord you can use to connect your device to your television
    • Can carry 4K and 1080p video as well as surround sound
    • This is the only cord that can transmit 3D as well
  • LCD (stands for liquid crystal display): A backlight shines light through crystals
    • Most flat panel televisions are LCD
  • LED (Light emitting diode): This is a semiconductor diode that emits light when a current of electricity is passed through it
  • Contrast: This term means the ratio of brightness (white) to darkest (black) in a display
    • Basically how dark the darks are vs how bright the bright colors are

Now these are only a few, of very many, definitions that are associated with TV’s. If you want to learn more you can Google “Television definitions” and there are many websites dedicated to teaching others about all the components and different types of televisions.

Another thing to note: There is such a thing as 4K OLED TV’s. They look incredible but can be upwards of $30,000 in some places but the picture is amazing. If you look on Amazon you can find some great 4K OLED TV’s, so if you are looking for TV’s give it a shot.

Which To Choose

Truth is stranger than fiction, which is why reality TV is so popular. – Heather Dubrow

Now ultimately the choice is yours of which TV you choose to go with. But what we can do is create categories and judge winners of each category. Sound fair?

I am going to compare based on 4K and OLED, because to me 4K OLED TV’s are the ultimate television. Because of that we wouldn’t be able to compare the 2 very fairly. However, we will go over 4K OLED TV’s in detail a little later on.

Category 1: Price

We took to Amazon to help us price out some great TV’s.

The OLED TV we looked at was the LG 55EG9100 1080p 55″ OLED TV (can be found here). This is an OLED TV (obviously) that you can get on Amazon for just less than $1,3010. Honestly this TV was around the lower end of the price scale, with some OLED TV’s going as high as $30,000 on other websites. I won’t get into specifics with the specs and picture quality because we will go over those things later.

Next we had to chose a comparable 4K TV, so we chose the LG Electronics 55UJ7700 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (can be found on Amazon here). This is a 4K TV that comes in less than $740. This TV is on the lower end of the pricing scale, with some 4K TV’s going for close to $10,000.

Price wise, the winner is the 4K LED TV’s. 

Category 2: Contrast and Black Levels

By design OLED displays are such that each pixel has RGB (red, green, and blue) elements to create stunning colors. Now what those diodes do is create every color, so there are true black and true white color on the TV. When the OLED screen goes black in a movie or show, the screen is truly black. If you are watching in a dark room the TV will disappear into the room to where you might think the screen is off.

When you compare a 4K display and an OLED display the OLED display wins hands down, unless you are comparing an OLED display to a 4K OLED, in which case the OLED 4K is perfect.

Winner: OLED

Category 3: Lifespan

So this is a very interesting category because of one thing; OLED TV’s are so new that we can’t get an accurate lifespan on them. I remember years ago to whenever plasma TV’s came out their lifespan was crap, but I do not think that is the case with OLED. I have personally found some estimates that gives the OLED TV’s a 100,000 hour lifespan but I have no way to be sure about that. So, by default, the 4K TV wins, but don’t be afraid of the OLED if you choose to buy it; the lifespan should be great because the companies making them are very reputable and make quality stuff.

The winner: 4K 

Category 4: Side Angle Viewing

We didn’t cover side angle viewing in the definitions above, but this is a term that is decently self explained. Side angle viewing means how well you can see the TV from the side or at a different angle than directly head on. By design, just like before, OLED displays are damn near perfect at any angle. This is because each pixel has it’s own RGB light (like we stated above). Now 4K TV’s also have great viewing angles (well, depending on what kind; like those that are edge lit), but they aren’t as great as OLED TV’s.

The winner: OLED TV

Category 5: Performance

Now onto our final category; performance. Now both televisions are great; they have an incredible picture quality, decent prices, and both can viewed at different angles. Performance wise, there is no clear cut winner. Both 4K and OLED TV’s are great and have their perks and strengths.

Winner: Both!

Turning the Tables: 4K OLED Televisions

Alright, now is the time that we get to talk about the ultimate TV… the 4K OLED television.  Just some interesting facts:

  • All OLED televisions are 4K, but not every 4K televisions are OLED
  • OLED is not a screen resolution, it refers to brightness
  • 1080p TV’s will not go out of style anytime soon, even with 4K televisions

So, without further ado, let’s go over the best 4K OLED TV’s you can find on Amazon:

LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD

You can buy this on Amazon here.


  • 55 inch TV
  • Smart TV
  • Does not need backlighting since it is OLED
  • Has:
    • 4 HDMI ports
    • 3 USB ports
    • 1 Ethernet port
    • 1 optical port
    • 1 composite port


This is the 2017 model, and it has a stunning picture. Now this TV comes in at just under $2,200 so it is by no means cheap, but it is also doable considering the prices of other TV’s. It has great audio quality, but with a home theater audio setup it is the perfect viewing experience. This even has an app you can install on your phone that allows you to stream, and even control your TV. This is also a Smart TV, so you can connect to the internet to stream movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Twitch.

This TV is thin, like very thin, and it looks beautiful sitting on a TV stand or mounted on a wall. This TV is also great for gaming, so you can have your Xbox One and PS4 hooked up and will get amazing picture quality. On Amazon this TV has almost 100 reviews, and is very highly rated. People talk about the beauty of the OLED screen and that the pricing is phenomenal for such a great TV. Some even said it was the best picture quality they had ever seen.

My Rating:

If you don’t trust my take that this is one of the best 4K OLED TV’s on the market, then trust the numerous Amazon reviews. If you don’t trust those, then Google “LG OLED55C7P review” and read and watch all those reviews from normal folks and professionals. THIS IS THE TV TO HAVE, I really cannot state this enough. I think this TV deserves a solid 5 out of 5 stars, and strongly urge anyone reading this article to at least check this thing out on Amazon, you will not be disappointed.


In closing, I really do think the OLED televisions are the best TV you can buy right now. They are 4K, durable, and fairly priced. You basically get the same thing from a 4K TV but with perfect colors.

As always y’all, be sure to check out all our reviews and thoughts on Tech Review Source.

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