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In this digital age that we live in now, there are so many obscure ways to make money online. Perk TV is an example of this and I will be giving my review of it today. The hard part with sites like this is that there is so many. It can be difficult sometimes to find the ones worth trying, as many of them are scams or just simply not enough money for the work.

Perk TV is an app you get from either the Apple App store or the Google Play Store, and it allows you to earn money through a variety of ways, including watching movie trailers. When I started doing my research on it, I found articles claiming that you could “Make $250 a month” using this app. I have seen these titles on videos and articles over and over again for several apps or websites. But when I tried them, it took way too long for that to be even worth it. Many of these will earn you money, but so slowly that it ends up just being a waste of time.

So that’s why I wanted to write this article for you. It can be hard to differentiate the truth behind many of these big claims, so I decided to download the app myself and see what it was all about and if it is something you should get too. I’ll also give you a complete overview of the app, so you can decide if it’s something you want to pursue. So, if you want to learn everything you need to about this app that can earn you money, stay here.

What is Perk TV?

So Perk TV is actually a product created by the company Perk (logo shown above). Their website can be found at, and they are a company that lets you earn rewards through a variety of different ways on their site through their different platforms which are apps. If you are familiar with the site Swagbucks, they are very similar in their business model and what they do. Including Perk TV, they have four different apps that all have different ways for you to earn these rewards. I explain all of them below.

Other Products

So while Perk TV is Perk’s most popular app, they also have several others that can all help you make money. Here are the other three that are all available on both app stores for free download.

  • Perk Pop Quiz
  • Perk Scratch and Win
  • Perk Wallet

Although they have all different names, they all have the exact same premise as each other, each just with different ways to earn your points. The nice feature that perk has it if you sign up at and sync all of these apps to that account, all of your earnings from the four different apps will go into the same place. This makes it much easier to start gaining money quickly. I won’t go into the specifics of all of them, but below I’ll talk about exactly how you earn your points in Perk TV.

How To Earn

This is the important part that should be your number one question. How you earn money is crucial, and there are a variety of ways you can do this.

The first and most common way you earn your Perk Points, as they are called, is by watching videos of some sort. These come in a variety of different ways. Here’s a list of all of the video options you have, and how many points you earn for each.

  • Movie Trailers – There are hundreds of TV and movie trailers that you can watch to earn points. Most of the trailers range from 1-3 minutes, and there will be a 30-second ad before each trailer. You earn 4 points for every two videos watched.
  • Popular Videos – The points and the amount of time is the exact same for the trailers, except that these are just a variety of random popular videos throughout the internet.
  • Live TV – Here you can watch live TV through a variety of channels, and you usually get around 10 points for every 10 minutes watched.

Besides just watching videos, you can also earn rewards through these ways listed here.

  • Complete Surveys
  • Refer Friends
  • Leave the App Running

Redeeming Points

So great, let’s say you’ve earned several thousand points, which would take you a while. Now, what exactly can you redeem these for and how much points will it cost you? First off, there are two different ways you can spend your points.

The first is by strictly redeeming it for a gift card from many stores, such as iTunes, Target, Paypal, or many others. They also offer subscriptions to just as many companies, like Hulu or Amazon Prime. The price for each will vary slightly, but generally, a $25 gift card will run you around 25000 perk points. The lowest amount on a gift card you can get is $0.25, which will cost 350 Perk Points. So you can see just how many points it takes to win these items.

The second way to spend your points is by entering a sweepstake, so essentially a drawing for the same products you can just buy. Again, the price of all entries will vary, but an average entry for a $25 gift card will run you around 16 points. So you can see it is a lot cheaper than straight up buying the gift cards, but thousands of others are entering as well, so you have a much lower chance of winning.

My Review

You know how to earn, but my biggest problem with many of these apps is that it will take you forever to earn. So I tried it myself for a couple of minutes just to see how long it would take to actually start to make some decent money. It sounds great if it says “You Earned 100 Coins“, but what exactly does that equal to in real money? That’s the really the key in determining if these apps are worth your time. Because I assume you aren’t doing it to just watch movie trailers and commercials all day.

  • I created an account by syncing my Facebook account to it.
  • Once I logged on, I got 100 Perk Points for free, and I got a screen looking something like the screenshot above.
  • Right away, you can start earning points by all the different ways that I detailed in the last section.

So, all of the details on how to earn with the amounts all checked out and the app was easy to use. Everything they say is true, but for me, it just takes way too much time to earn money. Here’s some quick math. Let’s say you earn about 2 points for every two-minute trailer you watch, and it takes you 25000 points to get $25. That’s over 400 hours of watching trailers! While yes, there are some other ways and this is a very general amount and you could earn a little more, it still just isn’t worth it to me.

What Are Others Saying?

As of writing this article, the newest update of this app was on February 1, 2017, and the reviews in both the App store and Google Play store were extremely negative. Almost all of the reviews are one of out of five starts, with nearly all of the complaints detailed how the newest version is broken and not working. As I’m writing this over a month later and the fact that there haven’t been a new software update signals to me that there is a major problem with the code or the system and it may take a while for Perk to fix.

However, it should be noted that before this update, nearly all of the reviews were positive as people seem to generally like the app when it is working correctly.

Conclusion – Is it Worth It?

Taking everything into account, my review of Perk TV is that it is a legitimate way to make some money while doing really no work. I say the word ‘some’ because realistically I think you’d be lucky if you made $25 a month, and that would be if you were practically continuously using it. I won’t personally use it, as it drains a lot of your phone battery streaming videos all day, and you would have to click on a new video every couple of minutes and essentially be streaming throughout the entire day.

Therefore for me, it’s not worth it, but I will give them credit as a company as they advertise the truth about how much you earn and how much rewards cost. You just have to dig a little deep on their website to find this information, which is true of a lot of these services. That’s why I did the work for you.

I hope you learned a lot from my Perk TV review. If you are interested in other ways to make money online, I would highly recommend reading an article that I wrote on the great site Usertesting. On there, you can expect to actually make real money, around $10 every 20-30 minutes. If you have any other questions about this app ask in the comments below and I’d be happy to answer. Also, if you have ever used this app, let us now how much money you’ve made off it. Finally, if you would like to see other articles that I have written, check out all of them here.

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