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Tablets such as the iPad or the Kindle Fire HD are part of many people’s daily lives. Who could have guessed just a few years ago that one day we could go around with what are effectively very small and light yet extremely powerful computers! There is so much that can be done on tablets, too: from reading books and magazines, to catching up on your favorite TV shows, to using social media. From time to time, however, it is easier to run into some small frustration. For example, if you use the Kindle Fire HD tablet by Amazon and love YouTube you would have noticed that it is not possible to watch YouTube videos on it.

Except that, luckily, it is. You just need to know how to do it, as usual. In this article we will run you through a few different ways in which you would be able to watch YouTube videos on your Kindle Fire HD.

All the methods we will talk about on this article are perfectly safe and as long as you follow our instructions carefully you will not run into any trouble at all.


Why Can I Not Watch YouTube on My Kindle Fire HD?

So, before we go into all the ins and outs of getting YouTube videos to play on your Fire HD, let’s spend some time discussing why it seems so darn near impossible to get them to play on your tablet.

Of course, there must be some boring and rather dry corporate explanation when it comes to the issue of YouTube unavailability on the Kindle Fire HD. As you may or may not know, YouTube is owned by Google. Google’s mobile operating system is, as you also may or may not know, Android. Android and the Amazon owned Kindle are of course competing tablets so it would make sense, at least for a corporate stand point, that YouTube would not be easily made available on tablets own and run by their competitors.

There is however an even stronger technical reason by it would seem almost impossible to be able to play YouTube videos on a Kindle tablet. This technical issue does not have, of course, anything to do with streaming videos. As any Fire HD user could tell you, streaming video on the tablet is not a problem. Heck, you can even stream video in high definition most of the time depending on your Internet connection and always for downloaded video files.

The formatting problem stems for the fact that YouTube videos use formats (usually the FLV format) that are at least as yet unsupported by the Fire HD. The Kindle Fire (in all of different models and iterations) does only support two video formats: MP4 and VP8. So even if you find a way to get YouTube on your Fire HD, which would be made an extremely challenging process, you would still not be able to play the videos.

If that is exactly where you are stuck us, do not worry. This is where we come in with methods on how to watch YouTube on your Fire HD tablet.

Where to Begin?

The good news is that you do not really need to be an expert in order to be able to watch YouTube videos.

Your starting point should always be finding a YouTube player that would work on Kindle Fire. The reason why you would need to do this is because there is no an official YouTube player for Kindle for the reasons we went through on the previous section of this article.

There are several available YouTube players that you could get for your Kindle Fire. What following is a list of the four best of such players. You could really choose any one player from among them all.

  • iSkysoft iTube
  • TubeMate YouTube Downloader
  • FREEdi YouTube Downloader
  • Bigasoft Downloader Pro

You would need to get one of those players first so that you are able to download videos from YouTube, convert them into a suitable format and then, in turn, be able to play them on your Fire HD.

Let’s go through all those four YouTube players one by one now.

iSoft iTube Studio

The reason why this YouTube player is featured first it is because it is the most popular one available at the moment. This does not necessarily mean that the iSoft iTube Studio player would be the best for you, which is why we have made the effort to include several other players like it.

Probably the main reason why this player is as popular as it is would be that it can convert from a huge arrange of different formats. So, not only would you be able to convert and watch any video from YouTube but also from literally hundreds of different video streaming web sites, too.

All you will have to do is download this player and then easily convert any videos that are not compatible with Kindle.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

The TubeMate YouTube Downloader is actually really popular too. I would say that one of the things that makes this YouTube player for Kindle so great it is phenomenal speed. You will find it quite hard to find a faster piece of video file conversion software anywhere else.

One of the main problems with video converters or YouTube players is that you would very often have to wait until they are done downloading or converting before you could move on to a different task or to download and convert another video file. Well, with the TubeMate YouTube Downloader you will not have that problem! This is because one of the things that this player does best is multitask.

This is a great feature because it would effectively allow you to look for new videos to download even as you are already downloading one.

FREEdi YouTube Downloader

The third YouTube player on our list allows to download and convert many different video files into formats that would play seamlessly on a Kindle Fire, but also to extract the audio track. This feature is more popular that you may think because many Kindle users find songs they like on YouTube (or specific performance or renditions hard to find anywhere else). They may not be so interested in the images themselves but in the audio. Thanks to the FREEdi YouTube downloader you would be able to do this. This is particularly handy if you like listening to music (or other audio files with your tablet).

Another awesome advantage of this downloader is that it can cope with converting several videos at the same time, which would save you a lot of time.

Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro

The last YouTube video converter on our list is the Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro is also pretty great. What makes it pretty great is that it allows users to download not only more than one video at the time (after all, some other video converters also have this feature) but it also allows users to download whole YouTube playlists.

Of course, all of these downloader players allow users to convert high definition (HD) videos as well as standard definition (SD) ones. When available, you would get a choice on resolution quality.

We hope you would be able to choose the YouTube player that could be more suitable for you. You may want to choose one based solely on our review but we would always recommend you try at least a couple before you settle for one of them.

Once you have settled for one of the download players (at least to try on), you will have to follow these simple steps in order to be able to watch YouTube videos on your Kindle Fire HD.

  1. The first step will, of course, be downloading any (some or all) of the converting software. Just find the relevant program online and download it to your computer as you would normally do following the onscreen instructions you would get along the way.
  2. Once the program has been fully installed, you will have to launch it. In most cases this will happen automatically, anyway.
  3. Then, you will have to set up the downloaded player to work for Kindle Fire HD. You will do this by changing the output format to MP4. Remember that MP4 is one of the only two video formats compatible with Kindle.
  4. Once you have selected MP4 as your output format, launch your usual web browser (we recommend this to be Firefox, Chrome or Safari, and then head over to YouTube.
  5. Search for the video that you would like to download and watch on your Fire HD. Once you have found the right video play it and at some point copy the URL and paste it to the downloader (you can also drag it there).
  6. Once the downloader has the URL, tap or click on “download” and wait until the video has fully downloaded. The time this takes would depend on different factors, including your Internet speed, or the size of the video file (determined by both its length and its quality).
  7. Finally, once the video has download it you will be able to transfer it to your Fire HD and play it whenever you would choose to.

As you can see watching YouTube videos on your Kindle is a bit convoluted but it can totally be done just if you know how.

If you have any comments or questions for us, please leave a message in the comments section below.

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